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Monaco is a symbol of luxury and a paradise for all yachting enthusiasts. It is thus essential for the Foundation to encourage the yachting industry to be eco-friendly.

To encourage the key players in the yachting industry to establish other, more environmentally friendly measures, in 2016 the Foundation began to produce a “Guide to best practices for eco-friendly yachting”. This guide not only explains the importance of using sustainable materials, it also focuses on the following subjects: alternative energies, waste, plastic pollution, water management, and environmentally friendly mooring.

The Foundation, which is otherwise committed to fighting deforestation has thus launched in 2010, with the support of the Monaco Yacht Show, the Wood Forever Pact. This programme aims to involve yacht builders, designers, furniture manufacturers and timber suppliers, in order to promote the use of wood from sustainably managed forests.

Bringing together these professionals will help apply leverage to the timber supply chain, obtain a more environmentally friendly supply of tropical wood, and make superyachts the environmental flagships of the sailing industry.

The aim of the guide is to reinforce and speed up the trend towards the reduction in the environmental impact of this sector, which aims for excellence in all areas. It explores recent and future environmental developments in this prestigious industry, in order to supply current and potential owners, designers, builders and yacht captains as well as port authorities, with tools that can be used to achieve a balance between luxury and respect for the environment.